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Newspaper on "Sells 500 Types of Products to 92 Countries"

Newspaper on "Sells 500 Types of Products to 92 Countries"

Sabah Newspaper News:

Founded in 1989 in Tahtakale Lux Plastic, Istanbul Silivri factory turned into a design base. Exporting to 92 countries, the company has 500 different products.

Turkey, in the manufacture of plastic products, was able to enter the world's leading countries in between. The Turkish plastics industry, which stands out with the different works implemented by entrepreneurs in this field, is now sending products to hundreds of countries around the world. Among these companies, there is also the brand of Lux Plastic, which makes production in Silivri, Istanbul. Founded in Tahtakale about 30 years ago, the company today exports plastic products to 92 countries from Vietnam to the UK and Libya to Mexico under the QLux brand.

Burak Önder, General Manager of Lüx Plastic, stated that the world's retail giants also entered the shelves with the works they performed in the fairs they participated in. "These products even entered Walmart in Mexico," he said. Expressing that the company was established in 1989, Burak Önder said: "We decided to establish a good export team after 2008. Our production volume increased rapidly in this process. We moved to our new factory. We have a total of 250 employees here. We managed to put our products on the shelves of the world's giant supermarket chains with the phrase Turkey Turkey. Et We exported about 65 percent of our production in 2017. Market diversity is one of the issues we attach importance to. Önems Therefore, we care about the principle of putting eggs in different baskets. We participated in sectoral fairs in these regions and introduced ourselves by organizing visits to these countries with sample bags.We know that in 17 days I traveled country by country with my samples in Colombia Today, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Porto Rico, Panama and Mexico In these countries, we do not only establish relationships with customers, we produce 500 kinds of products from door hangers to cups. We try to add value, that is, to differentiate while producing these products. We make products more functional with design and offer them for sale. "